Sunday, November 29, 2015

baked spiced ricotta pears

fall is turning to winter

a time of year when i always look to baking as a form of warmth + comfort
days get darker, shorter, colder

in trying to teach myself to turn to good memories, i remembered pears

i have always liked but never really loved pears
for some reason unbeknownst to me, pears were always somewhat of a forgotten fruit
when i think of beloved fruit, pears rarely even spring to mind

but i think of pears and i think of my father
dessert after dinner for him would very often just be a piece of fruit
very simple, very italian

i didn't really understand the concept of fruit as dessert when i was younger,
usually preferring the richer, sweeter, more decadent cakes + candy
but i still remember him handing me some fresh-cut fruit after a meal, and me accepting this offering

i have since grown to fully understand and appreciate the placement of fruit in the dessert category
on a recent trip to the farmers' market, my eye was drawn to a box full of bosc pears

i ended up baking them
 no recipe involved, but i took inspiration from whatever ingredients i had on hand that day-

fresh sheep's milk ricotta
almond milk
leftover freshly brewed morning coffee
maple syrup


  1. Such a soothing post! I have similar thoughts and memories on fruit as dessert. There is truth in simplicity <3

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