Saturday, February 21, 2015

a trip to tiny pinecone teahouse and bake shop

I had been meaning to visit this little pop-up since I first heard of it a couple months ago... 

But time has been passing too quickly here; all of a sudden it was February, and I was reminded that this week was their very last week! So naturally I decided this visit had to be made a priority.  I enlisted the help of Katie- my favorite food partner in crime, to come along and watch me stuff my face cake-test while we changed up our regular coffee routine by drinking our fair share of white tea out of some very cute cups. 

 Tiny Pinecone is a very cozy, relaxed set up where the owners Ben + Lisa are so welcoming and friendly, and the cakes seriously delicious.  Attention to design and detailing was clearly well thought out, and contributed to the space as a whole making it beautiful and interesting to look at.  

The light tea perfectly complemented the black sesame chiffon cake, which I fell in love with after my very first bite.  I instantly regretted the fact that I came so late to the Tiny Pinecone party- if it were a permanent establishment I would most definitely be a regular! 

 For now I am simply going to wait in anticipation for their next venture, while dreaming of that cake...

Thursday, February 12, 2015

things i've been loving lately

polaroid prints (thanks Erika and memorieslab!)

and related to these, a new purchase

 the cutest gifts from Russia, from Katie 

pretty finds from thrift stores

candles.  anyone who knows me knows that I cannot live without multiple candles by my side! my favorites often come from Anthropologie.

reading on the subway

while I find this book light, witty and fun to read, a most honorable mention must be given to the book that caught my attention from the very beginning and held it all the way through-

 'The Secret History' by Donna Tartt.  

I cannot stress how much I loved this book.  I raved about it to everyone and anyone while I was only just beginning as I knew right away that it would become one of my favorites and it did.  I was devastated when I finally had to put it down, so much so that I have been struggling to find a new read that matches its brilliance... any suggestions are welcome!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

upper west side wanders

Recently I have been trying to carry my large, bulky dslr camera (Nikon D50) around with me more frequently so that I can shoot more with a 'real' camera.  It's so easy these days to walk along with an Iphone in hand, quickly snapping shots here and there without much thought or focus involved.  Even editing now takes only a matter of seconds.  

I find that using my digital camera helps me to pause for a moment and really focus on and properly see the scene or detail I am trying to capture.  While I do appreciate the immediacy of on-the-go photos, I like the idea of slowing down even more.  These are some shots from a stroll through the Upper West Side, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan, most likely due to the large amount of beautiful architecture to be found in this area!