Thursday, July 2, 2015

revisiting the west

At the beginning of June I returned to Europe for a short trip home and then some.  

Visiting Galway + Connemara was top of my list of things to do as I wanted to see my family there and reacquaint myself with my favorite part of Ireland- the West.  

The West of Ireland has never not been my favorite, and if I was to move back to Ireland at some point in the future or even just own a home there someday, I wouldn't have to think twice about it.

It's my very personal opinion of course, but the West to me means peacefulness, nature, open space, purity. It represents the most authentic, traditional Ireland and it is overflowing with beautiful fields, sheep, lakes, mountains, forests, hills.  

It's the one place in which I find it easiest to think and breathe.

The quiet + abundant nature is something I miss while living in such a big, busy city as New York.  I didn't even realize how much I truly appreciated and missed it until returning home!

Now everyone go visit. 

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  1. Coming coming!!! It's incredibly beautiful and I'm dreaming of peaceful vast fields, greenness and SHEEP!