Tuesday, June 2, 2015

last weekend // some thoughts on friendship

Last weekend I had the pleasure of one of my oldest friends Anna coming to visit from Ireland.  We have known each other since the age of 4, went to elementary school together before going our 
separate ways for high school, then reconnected in university, like so many of my early childhood friends.  

Reconnecting with Anna has always been easy as pie, and for that I am thankful.  I cherish those friendships to which distance and time have absolutely no effect.  Whenever we manage to meet, which is rarely very often or regular, we simply pick up where we left off and it feels entirely natural and comfortable.

That said, this was the first time one of us had visited the other abroad, and it was also our first trip together (we traveled to Boston from NY for two nights and two days).  

In my experience, I find that traveling with friends is nearly always the best way to learn about them.   It is also when friendships grow the most- travel companions seem to share an inexplicable everlasting bond.  It's almost like sharing a series of secrets and in-jokes, many of which result in silliness and uncontrollable laughter.  It also brings out the truest self.

I was extremely happy upon realizing that Anna is just as big a food and coffee lover as I am, and this, along with our common love of the arts, exploring and hipster spotting, made for a hilarious and fun journey together.  

Some highlights of her visit + our trip were:
perfect coffee at Sweatshop in Williamsburg, probably my favorite of all the Australian cafes here in NY

being spoiled rotten at Diner in Williamsburg with a delicious and always interesting brunch (thanks to my wonderful genius of a chef roommate R.)

aftermath of good coffee at one of my favorites Bibble & Sip, together with two of my favorite people Katie + Ben

taking in a beautiful sunset on the roof of the Met

enjoying some of the absolute best sushi I have ever tasted at Thelonious Monkfish in Boston

creeping on some recent graduates of Harvard

good coffee at Thinking Cup in Boston

My own personal highlight of our trip; the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum 

last sunny coffee break at Render Coffee in Boston's South End

I am already waiting in anticipation for more travel adventures with friends <3


  1. Cute!! I also think traveling with friends is extremely important, we should do more of it! Plus DONUTS!!

  2. I really love your blog, Emma! It's so cozy and nice - food, photots, writing, everything. Been following silently for sometime, but this time really wanted to say this)

  3. Emma, what a lovely post! I think you hit the nail on the head there ~ all sorts of people enter and leave our lives, but when a friendship is that easy you know you're on to something special. I had such a great time and I only wish I could do it all again! Gorgeous photos, as always. Until the next adventure ❤️