Sunday, February 8, 2015

upper west side wanders

Recently I have been trying to carry my large, bulky dslr camera (Nikon D50) around with me more frequently so that I can shoot more with a 'real' camera.  It's so easy these days to walk along with an Iphone in hand, quickly snapping shots here and there without much thought or focus involved.  Even editing now takes only a matter of seconds.  

I find that using my digital camera helps me to pause for a moment and really focus on and properly see the scene or detail I am trying to capture.  While I do appreciate the immediacy of on-the-go photos, I like the idea of slowing down even more.  These are some shots from a stroll through the Upper West Side, one of my favorite neighborhoods in Manhattan, most likely due to the large amount of beautiful architecture to be found in this area!

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