Thursday, February 12, 2015

things i've been loving lately

polaroid prints (thanks Erika and memorieslab!)

and related to these, a new purchase

 the cutest gifts from Russia, from Katie 

pretty finds from thrift stores

candles.  anyone who knows me knows that I cannot live without multiple candles by my side! my favorites often come from Anthropologie.

reading on the subway

while I find this book light, witty and fun to read, a most honorable mention must be given to the book that caught my attention from the very beginning and held it all the way through-

 'The Secret History' by Donna Tartt.  

I cannot stress how much I loved this book.  I raved about it to everyone and anyone while I was only just beginning as I knew right away that it would become one of my favorites and it did.  I was devastated when I finally had to put it down, so much so that I have been struggling to find a new read that matches its brilliance... any suggestions are welcome!


  1. I just read "The Secret History" last month. It took me all of January to get through it but I enjoyed it so much. I still think I liked "The Goldfinch" slightly better but "The Secret History" was definitely a phenomenal book. The whole time you just felt like you were there at that college, with that misfit group of Classics Scholars trying to figure out what to do after what they had done. Donna Tartt is such an incredible author. I recommend her books to everyone.
    Love your post.

    1. I haven't bought The Goldfinch yet but cannot waiiiit to read that one too. Yes her writing is so good, I definitely felt like I was IN the story with the characters, so cool. I'm glad you liked it too! Thanks for commenting. :)
      <3 emmina

  2. You will love The Goldfinch! Love your blog!

  3. The chicken feet house! :-) Thanks for sharing the book with me, it's perfect for these snowy days!