Saturday, November 22, 2014

Cold Spring

Katie of lublyou and I felt like taking a trip out of the city a few weeks back, and after some deliberating and researching the night before, we decided on the village of Cold Spring, located in the Lower Hudson Valley as our destination.

We took the 60-minute train ride there after grabbing a coffee and pastry at Cafe Grumpy in Grand Central, and arrived to find the weather perfect for a day of exploring.

The pretty views of the Hudson along with the colorful autumn foliage peeking out everywhere made for a lot of photographic opportunities, with Katie and I becoming completely enamoured with one particular red-leafed tree standing in front of a church- we had to quite literally drag ourselves away from this spot!

The photographer in me has always been drawn to architectural design and details so as per usual many a house, stoop, store-front and festive decoration was photographed...

The town seemed pretty quiet the day we visited and many stores and cafes were shut, but we didn't mind as we had the space almost all to ourselves to explore and wander around- a nice break from the crazy hustle and bustle of the city. (which I however love just as much, if not more!)

Cold Spring's Main Street is quite a haven for antique and vintage lovers and we spent an hour or so sifting through some of the rooms of antique goods which the (open) stores had to offer, with Katie finding a beautiful Russian shawl and me falling in love with a stone bracelet.

The day trip was a perfect getaway from the city and provided us with ample fresh air and crunchy leaves to stomp through.  We even came across a house I deemed right away as 'The Wes Anderson House'.  I am a huge fan of his cinematic aesthetic, and I'm not sure whether it was the green shutters or the interesting structure, but it felt to me like it would fit quite comfortably into one of his movies.

For residents of Cold Spring, life appeared to be quite calm and peaceful.  To be honest, the entire place exuded an air of tranquility, with noticeably lived-in (though empty) porches being some of the only telltale signs of human existence in the town.

I would definitely recommend a trip to the village of Cold Spring for anyone in the NYC area who is looking to get out of the city for a day of peaceful views and the chance to think or rest without sirens interrupting your thoughts!

For more beautiful photos and another perspective of this trip, make sure to check out Katie's post!


  1. What a great trip it was! I wish we could go somewhere by train more often! I'm really glad the plan worked and we both were motivated finally to post about it :-) I also linked to you now. Here's to more adventures!

  2. I know!! If I stay on longer then we should definitely try to fit in more day trips. :) Also we need to continue this plan as clearly I am in need of such motivation and deadline in order to produce blog posts more regularly, ha ha!

  3. The photos in this post are so incredible, it almost makes me want to brave the winter air (I live in Hawaii) and visit. From the pictures in almost looks like Stepford :)


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