Thursday, October 30, 2014

Short trip to Baltimore

So a couple weeks ago, I picked up and took a trip to my birthplace; my American hometown- Baltimore, MD.

I wanted to see my brother Fran and his family, who still live outside the city.  Just as much though, I wanted to revisit Baltimore to see the city and home I had last seen almost exactly 5 years ago.

It was a short trip, but I managed to cram in as much as possible- returning to my old home, driving through the city's different neighborhoods (Fell's Point being my favorite), walking on Federal Hill, roaming through the countryside, checking out a cider mill and pumpkin farm, and simply hanging out with my family.

To be honest, the memory and image that sticks with me the most from this trip was returning to see the house I lived in as a baby.

It was the very first place my brother and I went as soon as we met at the station and although I had visited my last time in Baltimore (and the times before that), for some reason this visit made much more of an impression on me.

I knew it was now a home for someone else, but all the same; standing there, photographing the building and exploring its surroundings really felt like I was returning home, or falling back on a memory.
For this experience I am grateful to my brother, for knowing to take me there, while also deeply grateful to the current inhabitants for taking such good care of the place- thank you for keeping it lovely.

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