Thursday, September 24, 2015


august was a month of coffee shops.  
exploring, testing, photographing, interacting, hating, loving,

I recently did a stint as a freelance photographer for an app that is all about coffee, and my job involved my wandering the city neighborhoods to visit local coffee shops, drink coffee, eat the occasional pastry and most importantly, photograph everything.

there were aspects of this job that I loved, others which proved frustrating to work through and around.  some lessons I took away from this experience:

-it's all about the details for me (of anything, but mostly food, interiors and nature). extreme close up shots are always more appealing to me than long wide shots.  I dislike being shown the whole picture.

-the level of impact people (with, nearby, serving you) can have on you and your overall shooting experience is paramount

(people who yell at + after you on the street will ruin your day, people who smile and are generally enthusiastic about/excited for your work will make your day)

-aesthetic can sometimes mean absolutely nothing 

-having fewer expectations + possessing zero prior knowledge of what you will be confronted with during a shoot is very often the best way to approach it 

-even in a city like New York City, bad coffee exists

coffee shops featured in this post include Absolute Coffee, Little Zelda, Cafe Rue Dix, Key & Cup, Nolita Mart & Espresso Bar, Pushkin Creperie, Anchor Coffee.


  1. Your photography is absolutely beautiful. I love that you don't need many words, just your images, to tell your story! :)