Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Recently, I moved over to New York from Ireland to start an internship in Brooklyn.  This blog has been extremely neglected and kept out of date for quite some time now, due to my being busy finishing up university the past few years, and now with my move back to the States.  

However, this move has inspired a new renewed passion for and interest in my blog and keeping it updated; to work harder at moving it in the direction which I feel my personal interests and passions have slowly been moving in and growing the last couple years.  

I am still as interested as ever in food and photography.  In fact, it is exactly those two things, both separate and combined, which has landed me right here in Brooklyn, as I undertake an internship in photography and food-styling with the wonderful vkrees.  

I plan on using this blog as a way in which to present my journey- here, and everywhere else to follow, through the various artistic spheres which attract me the most; namely food and photography, but also other forms such as style, travel, music and film.  

Some days I will write more, include recipes, general thoughts, recommendations etc, while other days my photographs will hopefully get across all I am trying to say, no words needed.  This feels new again for me so it will be a while before I get properly reacquainted with blogging, but I hope that some of you out there are still reading and interested- I would love to hear any suggestions also as regards what kind of posts you guys would like to see here!



  1. Your instagram told me about your blog yay! Let the blogging continue! :-)

  2. All the best in New York :) lovely post

  3. Glad to see a new post on here. Happy to hear about your positive changes in life.

  4. How long do you think you will stay in the States?