Friday, November 11, 2011

Uova in Purgatorio

 Today I got a craving for one of my favorite childhood lunch-time dishes, 'Eggs in Purgatory'. It's one of the few dishes that my Dad knew how to do, and one of the best. I will always favor any recipe in which tomatoes are involved- I could honestly live on tomatoes for ever!- and the comforting memories this dish brings back are just as good as the dish itself.

This was actually my first time making this dish- I tried to recreate it from memory along with help from my Mutti and it turned out pretty darn yummy; almost exactly how I remembered it.

A classic Neapolitan dish, 'Eggs in Purgatory' seems rather aptly named due to its appearance. It's simple and tasty, and in my opinion can be served at any time of day. (brunch? lunch? dinner?) There are a lot of variations around; for instance, served on thick crusty bread it becomes rather reminiscent of the Brunch-time classic 'Eggs Benedict'.

Though I prefer the simplicity of the dish that I was originally introduced to, I have a feeling that whichever way you choose to make it, 'Eggs in Purgatory' will turn out to be a very tasty, warming home-cooked meal -so read on and try it out!


'Uova in Purgatorio' Ingredients:
2 tbsp olive oil
1 onion, chopped
tin chopped tomatoes
4 eggs
pinch nutmeg

Heat the olive oil gently in a medium-sized frying pan, then add in the chopped onion.
Cook the onions for about 10-15 minutes at a low-medium heat, then stir in the tomatoes.
Turn up the heat and bring the sauce to boiling, before turning down to let simmer for a couple more minutes.
At this point, add in the seasoning,
 then crack in the eggs gently, turn the heat up to medium and cover.
Cook eggs until the whites are firm, but the yolks inside should be runny. (this is tricky to time, and I over-cooked mine but next time I'll get it right!!)
 Sprinkle the nutmeg and another pinch of salt over the eggs and cook for one minute more, then voila!
 Serve as you wish and enjoy!


  1. Delicious! I love family recipes give it that extra touch to our recipes, which makes them more intimate and important, and as you yourself say our minds tran denuevo especiales.La moments put into practice and come back with a picture of my version .
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. looks great emma! i love poached eggs but haven't tried this before even though i have seen a recipe for it on tv. i love how food brings back memories and am glad you got to recreate this.
    thanks for sharing!

  3. just watched annas and jofus vlog and got soo hungry seing it cooking! :)
    I'll definatly try to cook it soon! Thank you :)

  4. Ohh that looks great! I think its cool how you put eggs it it, I bet it tasted great! :)

  5. I was inspired by this post and made this for lunch for my mom and I. It was my first time having and making it. I served it with toasted ciabatta bread on the side. It turned out great and both my mom and I really enjoyed it. It will definitely become a part of my family recipe collection.


  6. I'm sick at home and just tried it. It's sooo yummyy. I added also white canned beans and grounded parmesan cheese at the end.. took me about 20 min. Try it :)

  7. Hii! I discovered your blog through your sister Anna, who I love, but now I know your blog, I think I can't do more for less! However, thanks to you now I know the real name of this recipe, I'm Neapolitan and here this dish is called "Uovo a zupptella". It always learn new things!



  8. Meine Mutter kocht die Eier nicht in Tomaten, sondern in Spinat mit Zwiebeln ein.
    Wobei sie auch schon einmal Ratatouille mit gestockten Eiern gekocht hat :)
    Schönen Blog hast du da!