Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my second favorite holiday of the year, right after Christmas and just before Halloween. It's all about family and food for me- there's nothing I like better than spending the whole day preparing for the dinner, surrounded by family, with everybody contributing something to the celebrations. It brings to mind glowy light created by candles, fall colors, pumpkin pie spice and a general sense of family. All photos in this post were taken by Jonathan Saccone-Joly; my recipe and photos for the Pumpkin Roll will be up in the following post!!


  1. Would you post the recipe for the baked corn? :)

  2. Yes, please post the recipe for the baked corn. It doesn´t look that difficult, but I can´t find a good recipe on the internet (which I understand, because I´m German :-)

  3. The food looks yummy. I really like your blog. It has a warm family feel.
    I am also a Saccone-Joly follower and I really love it when they come at your house because it reminds me of my family which is almost as mixed as yours (My Mum is Maltese and my Dad is Italian & I am half and half. I lived both in Italy and Malta. And now I am married to a Scottish man.....If you'd like check my food blog

    A presto.....